Ambassador Program

The PlayTyme Ambassador Program is an exclusive affiliate and community based program allowing content creators to promote our products on social media, in exchange for a commission on sales using their discount code.

Members are able to pick their own code and referral link, which generate a 5% commission per product sold while saving customers 5% off their purchase. Bonus tiers are offered as well, so the more customer sales an Ambassador generates, the higher the commission they can earn, topping out at a whopping 11% per product sold!

At sign up, Ambassadors receive 1 tee & 1 accessory of their choice. Items are also sent out periodically as part of our PR list. Additionally, members have the freedom to shop anytime from our website with discount pricing of between 40-80% off our catalog!

Applicants must be 18 years or older at the time of sign up. Additionally, Ambassadors must have at least one Twitter, Instagram, or Twitch account and an active PayPal account for processing monthly payouts.


Applications are currently: CLOSED