About Us

What is PlayTyme?

PlayTyme is a community-based marketplace for adult kink and fetish life-stylers like 🍼ABDLs, 🐾Pup Players, ⛓Pet Players, and more!

We recognize that kink isn't always about the toys and gear. It's about creating curated experiences in multiple facets of your life to fit your particular lifestyle, identity, and interests. Our goal is to create an inclusive space where people feel comfortable with our products, regardless of where they fall on the kink spectrum.


Are you going to make diapers?

Our focus here at PlayTyme is on apparel, home goods, gear/toys, and accessories. There are plenty of incredible diaper manufacturers out there (we personally recommend checking out ABU!) so we felt that it was best we focus on what we're good at! We're not saying no forever, but at least for now.


Do you pay your artists? How can we trust you?

Here at PlayTyme we take artist compensation very seriously. Unfortunately there have been many instances of companies taking advantage of artists in the past. So when building our payment structure, we wanted to make sure we treated all of the artists we work with fairly. With this in mind, we pay our artists an up front fee for the intellectual property of their work. Then we split the profits of each product they've had a hand in designing, with 80-70% going to PlayTyme and the remaining 20-30% going to the artist for a full 6 month period. With this model we hope to allow artists to continue to profit from their work as we grow!